About Marine Coastal Cultures

Welcome to the Marine Coastal Cultures Network.

Coastal and marine perspectives have long taken a backseat to land-based, terrestrial narratives of society and societal change. Oceans and seas have traditionally been represented as placeless physical spaces beyond the concerns of human society and politics.  In recent years, the marine is increasingly the subject of global universalising narratives, whether in the context of debates on the Anthropocene and global climate change or blue growth policies with an instrumental, resource-centric focus. Rarely is sufficient attention paid to the multiple and diverse ways of knowing, experiencing and relating to the coast and marine.

This network aims to bring together scholars from a wide range of rich and diverse inter/disciplinary traditions focusing on the lifeworlds and socio-materialities of coasts, seas and oceans. We invite scientists and scholars working across the environmental humanities and social sciences, as well as artists, writers, dramatists and policymakers with an interest in marine and coastal themes.

Marine Coastal Cultures is a space designed to foster conceptual and methodological pluralism that crosscuts a range disciplines grappling with bridging the ubiquitous marine-terrestrial divide, including human geography, social and cultural anthropology, comparative literature, sociology, the visual and performance arts, world history, and political science. The network draws inspiration from a host of perspectives, postcolonial and decolonial currents, including critical Development Studies, New Political Ecologies, Science and Technology Studies, multispecies ethnography, gender and feminist theories, New Thallasology, Island Studies, Assemblage and Actor Network theories.

Marine Coastal Cultures is edited by Cormac Walsh, University of Hamburg, Institute for Geography, Friederike Gesing (University of Bremen, artec) and Rapti Siriwardane, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Bremen. Please address all queries to the Editors at marinecoastalcultures<at>gmail.com. We ask you to read the Guide for Contributors before writing a post for this blog.

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